He was SHOCKED How 3 Hours Could Change His Life … Significantly.

This is a fascinating story written by a friend that I feel absolutely compelled to share. He asked that his name be left out, but otherwise I have not edited his words at all… —Matt . . . . . -1 Hour (Before) Here’s a shortlist that describes me — for the most part — […]

Overcoming Depression by Curing Man’s “Morning Sickness”

First up, I’m NOT talking about pregnancy here. I’m talking about the most important part of the day — morning — and how we often ignore it to our own detriment… It’s totally overwhelming to think thoughts like “I just need to improve my life to feel happy” (or any similar all-encompassing line of thought). […]

How to Overcome Depression by the Power of Isolation

Why is it that we’re smart enough to say “that cheese smells bad” (rather than “my life smells bad”), but when it comes to emotional content, we easily get overwhelmed and say “my life sucks”, rather than “my *insert specific problem here* sucks”? Depression is generally a case of poor mental habits. Sadly, our education […]

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