Suicidal to Successful with 2 Thoughts

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Matt McCovann woke up in a hospital bed, with no idea where the hell he was or what he’d been doing the night before. The nurse entered, looked on with disgust at his bruised face, pulled the drip from his arm and simply said “you can leave now”… That was his 2nd big wake-up call

His first wake-up call was perhaps a more serious event, albeit a much more private one… the night he planned and begun his final suicide attempt.

Through the course of his life, Matt had tried solving the problem with anti-depression and anti-psychotic drugs, put his heart and soul into traditional spirituality/religion, sought out professional counselling as well as some far more ‘radical’ methods of digging out the cause. It seemed like none of it was working. However, in the middle of the madness of it all, he began to unravel some simple truths that transformed his experience of life into something more consistently blissful than he had known before. He realised that the problem wasn’t anything to do with the “events” of life.

So how does a suicidal, binge-drinking alcoholic, manic depressive mess like Matt McCovann turn his life around so dramatically? According to Matt, it was just 2 thoughts that initiated the massive change that solved the challenges he faced.

“The first thought, the one that stopped me from completing my suicide attempt, was simply that my whole approach to life just wasn’t working… The second was that I needed to find the real Core Concepts of life — I needed to find my own understanding of the truth, what DOES work for me (and indeed for everyone else), not someone else’s out-dated interpretation of a 2nd person’s recollection of a third person’s real inspiration. I wanted to know what the original thoughts were behind the spiritual and mental constructs which actually change people’s lives…”
—Matt McCovann

Matt McCovann

The journey from those two thoughts, and all the lessons learned along the way, are covered in detail in Matt’s latest book Feel The Magic in Your Mind.

He’s also happily sharing his thoughts here on the Feel The Magic blog, so make sure you check out his latest articles and podcasts!

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